Penelope and Bloom

For inspiration, over his desk a photograph –
a statue of Penelope, wife of Odysseus/Ulysses.

And one of a man from Trieste –
unnamed but the model for Leopold Bloom.

My desk – his photo – keeps words flowing.

Joyce textorized



The One


Like black-shelled turtles emerging from underground tunnels,

they hide their heads from the rain,

scurry to their assigned dry places,

shake off water, disappear – but for one

blue shell that separates to find ocean.



Snow dusting an Appalachian forest, by Don Sniegowski on Flickr

Fine flakes so intricately small they disappear

against bright gray sky, roads and sidewalks.

In this forest, every surface takes some,

except for the creek, which accepts it

as brethren. I extend my bare hands.