Like the mixing salt and fresh water

making it not favorable for either species,

we have come to a brackish place —

marsh grass obscuring our view, and we,

like young crabs, hiding from imagined predators.




It’s Raining Diamonds


The crescent of Neptune and Triton, captured by Voyager 2 on August 25, 1989, as the spacecraft headed toward interstellar space. (Credit: NASA-JPL)


Voyager visited finding storms, a cyclonic

Great Dark Spot. Your biggest moon, Triton,

is a captured dwarf planet. Carbon squeezed 

out of methane mixes with water, creating

crystallized carbon. It’s raining diamonds on Neptune.



Neptune’s Great Dark Spot, a huge and surprisingly vigorous storm, imaged by Voyager 2 on August 23, 1989. (Credit: NASA-JPL/Justin Cowart)

The Twins

This morning, the waning crescent Moon fronted
Gemini the Twins – Castor and brother Pollux.
Not identical. They don’t really look alike.
Pollux is brighter, more golden. Favored child?
All of us unique. All are stars.

Astrophotography Panorama Test Shot

This photo shows bright Venus and almost as bright Jupiter
and above Benh LIEU SONG‘s head is the Gemini constellation
with Castor and Pollux clearly shining.