Corpse Pose

The leader says this pose looks easy,

but relaxing is very difficult for many.

Savasana, lying like a corpse, but conscious.

No more struggling, awareness, tension subsiding slowly –

my mind wandering onto a dark path.



A Line of Cars Led by Flowers

A line of cars leave the funeral

led by one sprouting too many flowers.

Driving slowly, headlights on, ignoring the stoplight,

some passengers serious and somber, others laughing.

Hopefully, all for the same mournful reasons.





There are 1440 minutes in a day.

The nurse tells me my heart beats

80 times per minute – 115,200 a day.

So many moments, exacting products of distance

multiplied by the charge of absent love.

* Though a “moment” is an inexact measure of time, in physics, it is something that can be calculated using a formula.           {\displaystyle \mu _{n}=r^{n}\,Q,}