Give Us This Day

a blue sky, and a few clouds

for relief that won’t dull the sun.

407 years since English settlers arrived here.

Men and boys, a Brave New World,

with hopeful prayer for a warm season.

It was on April 26, 1607 that about a hundred English settlers arrived at the Chesapeake Bay. I didn’t know until today that only after they landed did the Captain Christopher Newport open the sealed orders from the Virginia Company. There were several surprises. John Smith was named to the Governing Council. Smith had been charged with mutiny on the voyage and was scheduled to be hanged. The orders also directed them to choose an inland site for their colony. So, they left Cape Henry and made their way up the James River. A couple of weeks later, they landed on an island that seemed like a good location and named it Jamestown, in honor of their king, James I.

Back in England, William Shakespeare’s daughter, Susanna, would  have a June wedding. On the last day of the year, William’s brother Edmund would be buried. The Bubonic Plague (or Black Death) would ravage London again the next year. And The Bard would work on a new play based on reports coming back from the “brave new world” that he would call The Tempest (1611).

With some inspiration today from reading  A Brave Vessel: The True Tale of the Castaways Who Rescued Jamestown and Inspired Shakespeare’sThe Tempest


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