Nine Months

pen writingI have been writing my daily poems on this site for 8 months. I am into the ninth month with four months left in this yearlong practice.

This site doesn’t get big numbers of visitors. I write several other blogs and one, Serendipty35 about technology and learning, regularly gets 2-4 million “hits” per month. My Weekends in Paradelle site has far less activity, but I’m happy that those longer weekend essays have had over 243,000 visitors in its online life.

Writing the Day doesn’t get anywhere near either of those sites in visitors. But I probably feel closer to There are two links on the right sidebar that allows someone to follow the poems if you also have a WordPress blog and you can also reblog any of the poems. Another widget let’s you “subscribe” by eNine Months8 months of poems; 4 months to gomail to the poems and currently 997 people are getting that email. I suppose those folks don’t visit the site, but read the poems in their email.

Of course, I am happy, as are all poets, that anyone reads the poems and I will continue the ronka poem project for September, October, November and December as long as I remain on the planet and have Internet access.

I checked the stats behind the site today on which poems have had the most hits during the year. (Another widget on the sidebar tells me/you which poems have been popular today.)  I embarrassingly admit that when I looked at the list of the top ten posts, I had forgotten what several of the titles were about.  Some titles bring the poem right back to me – her photo, Emily Dickinson’s poems, reading Moby Dick.  I had to click a few and reread them though to recall what I had written.  (Don’t tell my wife that I forgot that “35 Years” was our anniversary poem. At least I remembered our anniversary.)


The Top 10 Poems Read So Far

  1. Finding a photo of her
  2. Nothing Is the Force That Renovates the World
  3. The Pequod and the Rachel
  4. Writing the Day Into Night
  5. 35 Years
  6. Night Cafe
  7. Giotto Blue
  8. Colored Pencils
  9. August
    On the eve of 2014
    and  The Ronka were also in that top group, but are posts about the poems and project, not poems.

Thanks for reading!

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