Reading Ronkas

This last month of the year is full of  “Best Of” lists. I look at the statistics on views of my ronka poems here and have tried to figure out what makes some more popular than others. So far, I have not found a pattern or formula for popularity.

The two top pages here are the home page (which means the visitor may have read any of the five poems shown there) and a page explaining the ronka form. I like to believe that others are trying out the form themselves. I know that some other poets tried the form when I used it on my long-running website, Poets Online. I reproduced those poems here , but I haven’t seen many others, so either I am still the only regular writer of ronkas, or they are not being released into the wild.

During 2014, I wrote a ronka each day. It was an excellent daily practice. Now, it is a still a practice but not regimented. This past year, it has been more of a weekly activity, but one that I still enjoy – maybe more this year because I only write when I am inspired rather than trying to be inspired because I need to write. Honestly, if you can’t find an inspiring moment in your day every day, there is something wrong with you, not with your day. The important thing becomes to find a space in the day to set it down in words.

Here are the stats for the top reads this year that is 11/12ths over – a mix of poems from 2014 and 2015.

On to 2016…

Top Reads in 2015
Home page / Archives
The Ronka
Nothing Is the Force That Renovates the World
Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
The Pequod and the Rachel
Giotto Blue
If Two Roads Diverged In A Wood
Finding a photo of her
The Year to Ashes
Day of the Wren
Might I but moor – Tonight – With Thee
Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America
Shades of Darkness
Moonlight Sonata
The Scent of Old Poems
Only Two Seasons
Geronimo [after Gary Snyder]
Writing the End of the Year
About This Site
At the Beach with Sylvia Plath
Before the Fall
The Trail Ahead
Losing My Grip

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