Into the New Year

It is always interesting to look at the stats on this site and see what people were finding (and hopefully also reading).

These are the 3 top poems (and two informational posts) that got the most views in 2015. (The “Popular Reads Today” widget on the sidebar shows what people were reading most in the past 24 hours.)

  1. Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge from 
  2.  The Ronka  (about the form – I hope some readers are trying the form out with heir own poetry)
  3.  The Pequod and the Rachel from 
  4.  Trying the Ronka Form from 
  5.  At the Beach with Sylvia Plath from 

The top referring sites in 2015 were:

  1. facebook.comEach post is automatically linked there in the Poets Online open group
  2. My Ronkville tumblr blog
  3. Reader – from those other WordPress people who follow the blog
  4. – sometimes 140 characters can handle only a poem’s title!
  5. My poetry blog companion to the main Poets Online monthly online poetry magazine and source of writing inspiration that I have been doing since 1998.

The poems had visitors from 50 countries. Most visitors came from The United States, as I would expect, but Germany & the United Kingdom were not far behind.


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