School poems

Some poets tried writing ronka on the theme of school (as I did earlier) and shared them with me.

4 by Jennifer Kosuda


Scribbled on desk, envious avenues of fear
Scribed upon the off, white begging board
To be heard, lessons as minutes lingered
Upon hallways aligned with weeping, awaited weapons
Fired down a domino of books, ammunition wasted.


Taught to sit, anxious anticipation of future
Inscribed upon the tablets, signed to soar
To be learned, spray painted curtains, opened
Upon hallways covered with destiny’s awaited dance
Empowered own hands upon that very board.

First Grade

Backpack in bed over packs with innocence’s visions
Sleep escapes me that endless night before
Brand new outfit by mom, covers hope
Finally pretty enough finds forever a friend
At just six, dreams to be loved.


Pleated skirt rolls up the still present day-dream
Sleep haunts when time comes for night
New outfit lost to patterns on repeat
An indecisive mirror knows many friends, but
At seventeen, dreams still to be loved.

3 by Margaret R. Sáraco

June Ramping Up

Get them ready for their math final
Score them overnight, quickly calculate grades, worry
about class placements, attend meetings, workshops, meetings
Say goodbye to students, families, staff, retirees
Pack up room, lock the door, crash.

July Surprise

That’s your teacher in the swimming pool
Reading books, writing in a journal, that’s
your teacher strolling, no, power walking, running
There she is once more, smiling, laughing
In the restaurant glances over, waves hello.

It’s August and You Never Know Who You Will See at the Pool

What?! Who is that in a bathing
suit? Dripping from the pool? Does she
see me? Remember me? I failed her
final, and truth, I didn’t study either
hello there, she smiles, and we chat.

2 school poems by Patricia Thomas

An End Creates A Beginning

An End

The room is empty of personal belongings
Files thrown away, lesson plans all retired
Students will arrive, find a new teacher
The change either welcome or unfair surprise
July feels relaxed and full of dreams.

A Beginning

The room has many books, but is
Missing perfected lesson plans and helpful files
Students entering her room will find me
August feels uncertain, though full of promise
The first page of a new book.

and 2 more ronkas for summer

A Summer Afternoon

The lawn is mowed and fresh smelling
Chores completed with stolen minutes between thunderstorms
Thick grey clouds overhead, then the winds
Increase speed to reveal hidden blue sky
A mosquito tries to bite and fails.

More Rain

The beach read ends after all three
Women join a new man before September
Greek tycoon, young widow, delightful old gentleman
Their stories are preposterous, predictable, yet occupy
A rainy afternoon at a beach house.

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