Lost and Found

Venus de Milo rear view

Lost for 1800 years, she was found
hiding on her home island of Milos.
Without arms holding, her modesty sliding down
her nude torso holds our modern gaze.
She is cold in this Parisian coffin.

Venus de Milo front view

It was 200 years ago that a Greek farmer on the island of Milos found a statue. It was damaged but still beautiful.

Most people assume – and it is an assumption – that she is meant to be Venus/Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. She was sculpted around 130-100 BC. Some art historians believe she is the sea-goddess Amphitrite who was venerated on the island of Milos.

The statue was purchased by France for 1000 francs and now resides at the Louvre in Paris – found but still a long way from home.

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