Writing the Day Podcasts – 2022 in Review

My podcasts of the poems on WRITING THE DAY are now in their third season (though season one was just a short time in 2021). The number of plays, followers, and streaming was all up in 2022, but that is not so impressive to me because I know that I only started the podcast in 2021 and the numbers were very low at the start.

Spotify tells me that the three most popular podcasted poems this year were This Garden of Earthly Delights, In the Last Minute of the World, and Napping in the Multiverse. I wish I could figure out why a poem rises to the top. The ones that do are usually not personal favorites.

The most streams were from September 4-10. Spotify is the place most listeners go to though episodes are available on other platforms.

2023 is season 3 of podcasts but “season 10” of poems here since I began as a daily practice in 2014.


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