Finding My Way

No GPS, just a map and compass.
I triangulate. I adjust for the declination.
If only I knew another accurate method
for finding my way safely. I must
be mindful of landmarks and adjust accordingly.

I’m not a fan of poems that require footnotes or long explanations, but I do like learning something new from a poem. That’s why many poems here have some notes included. For this poem, I feel it is useful to define two terms.
declination – The deviation of the compass from true north is an angle called “declination” or “magnetic declination.”
triangulation – Triangulation is a method of observing the direction or bearing within a map and compass in the field by using three landmarks in the terrain to act as the corners of a triangle.

I have always thought that knowing how to find your way in the world with a map, compass, and landmarks somehow translates to being better at navigating life without tools or aids.


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