Lace of the New World

A snowy border to an August field.
Today’s morning walk at late summer pace.
A queen’s lace, not a common weed.
All this is a matter of perspective.
Unmelting snow on a blue summer day.

queen ann lace

Not all things with “Queen Anne” in their name refer to the Queen Anne of 1665–1714. Anne’s great-grandmother, Anne of Denmark, who was the queen consort of King James I of England, lent her name to the theatrical company Queen Anne’s Men, and Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Both queens are credited with lending their name to the plant called Queen Anne’s Lace,

The plant’s scientific name is Daucus carota, and the even less royal common names for the plant are wild carrot, bird’s nest, and bishop’s lace. Queen Anne’s lace is the name used in North America where it was naturalized in what was then called the New World.


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