First Date


The couple at the table beside us

are, no doubt, on a first date.

He’s talking about travel plans – a beach –

she’s quite casually looking at her watch.

More coffee? No, thank you. I’m good.



The Start of a Sillage Sonnet

It’s scents that linger in the air,

or a trail left in the water.

An impression left in space after something

or someone has been there and leaves –

the trace of her. Perfume. Heat. Light.


A Long Lunar Month

She says “I follow a lunar month.

You follow a solar month. Too bad.”

Out of sync. Orbiting around each other.

Your waxing, waning and my rising, setting.

Throwing you in shadow today. New Moon.


new moon

Today starts the longest lunar month of the 21st century. Read more