My Octopus Dreams


Sleeping octopus — possibly dreaming. Image: Sylvia Medeiros / NPR

This month my dreams have been short
and with changing colors – like octopus dreams –
or what we imagine they are doing.
Both of us underwater, drifting, and trying
to wrap our arms around something stable.

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Mountaintop Meditation

It’s like being on the sacred mountaintop –
outside my window untouched snow windswept silent
cloudless horizon clear still water mountain reflection
white paper before the pen or brush –
on the postcard rising above my desk.


Mt. Kailash

Mount Kailash (also Kailasa; Kangrinboqê or Gang Rinpoche) is a high peak in Tibet and is considered to be sacred in four religions: Hinduism, Bon, Buddhism, and Jainism.