The circle’s center point and the universe’s

center remind us that these geometric forms

are also organic forms, focusing our attention

to this small sacred space for meditation

and moving outside to inner trance. Tantra!


The World’s Fair

I no longer believe in the green

light on Daisy’s dock, or any place,

or the future moving away from me.

But I do believe we’re boats against

the current, borne back into the past.



“Gatsby” via


Sleepless and alone, staring at the Moon


I play Satie softly not to awaken

her upstairs. I’m not much of a

musician, more a phonometrician, measuring and writing

down sounds as the Moon approaches fullness,

far from Paris, breathing in 3/4 time.


Sun Reverie

Curled on a grassy circle of sunlight,

looking up at the clouds, I am

seven years old again. My parents are

healthy, happy and will always be alive.

Sun-powered, I can do anything on Earth.

A dark cloud blocks the window’s sunbeam.

I return to the cold, wood floor.

My old eyes -sun-blinded – burn and tear.

When I stand up, my body protests

and aches from more than just years.