Flying Between the Sun and Jupiter

today, along with all of you.                 Earth
moves between largest planet and our star.
I like traveling in our solar system.
Astronomers say it’s an opposition of Jupiter.
But I am not opposed to either.



Hubble Captures Vivid Auroras in Jupiter’s Polar Atmosphere – NASA image

Jupiter is at its closest this year (opposition) on June 12. Jupiter shines more brightly than any star in the evening sky. At this 2019 opposition, Jupiter shines in the vicinity of Antares, the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius the Scorpion. You can see both Venus and Jupiter at morning dawn if you have an unobstructed view. Venus will be low in the east while Jupiter is low in the west.

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Vega in May

Sapphire-blue Vega far away on the skydome

is the once and future North Star.

Brightest in Lyra, the Harp of Orpheus

that charmed trees, rocks and the Sirens

tempting the Argonauts with their own music.


Lyra star in Harp

Gargoyle, from the French

gargouille, throat, gullet (dragon) from Latin gurgulio,

gar, “to swallow,” gurgling sound of water

from this grotesque spout conveying rainwater away

from walls and mortar, always turned away

from spire, prayers, hymns, smoke and fire.



Gargoyle, Notre Dame, Paris

Ode for Stanley in His Garden

van Gogh irises

some of Vincent van Gogh’s irises

It’s early for irises, Stanley. But today

daffodils are shouting yellow and white calls

to me from my garden, “Come outside!

Leave that poem for tonight! Touch blooms!”

Maybe it was you, Stanley, calling me.


still life