The Frame

view of the sky

This moment of clouds and sky framed

with tree, house, fence and my eyes

changes movie-like, as this poem also drifts

west to east.   I compose a frame.

So much meaning is about the frame.


Gargoyle, from the French

gargouille, throat, gullet (dragon) from Latin gurgulio,

gar, “to swallow,” gurgling sound of water

from this grotesque spout conveying rainwater away

from walls and mortar, always turned away

from spire, prayers, hymns, smoke and fire.



Gargoyle, Notre Dame, Paris

Ode for Stanley in His Garden

van Gogh irises

some of Vincent van Gogh’s irises

It’s early for irises, Stanley. But today

daffodils are shouting yellow and white calls

to me from my garden, “Come outside!

Leave that poem for tonight! Touch blooms!”

Maybe it was you, Stanley, calling me.


still life