The Flavorist’s Lament

Whether with American flavor or British flavour,

flavor creation is done by a flavorist,

scientific chemical palette creativity, sense of smell,

and sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami –

pungency, oleogustus? – food smells unbounded; easily altered


changing its smell, keeping its taste similar;

unlike smelling upon inhalation, mouth flavor exhalation;

different depending on before or after one’s mouth;

color can affect expectations ( red increases sweetness).

A flavor lexicon – objective language for food.

These two ronka poems are also “found” poems taken from and written as part of WordPress’ Intro to Poetry project on day 7.




Picture: The Great Falls


The Passaic River is


on its journey to the sea by

Little Falls


Great Falls

in Paterson, New Jersey

that inspire poets,

lovers and photographers.

My screen shows

a couple on the bridge

we all pause

a moment –


I allow the water

to move them

ever so slightly,

then take the picture.