At the garden edges, the volunteer seedlings

grow on their own despite my human

weeding deliberations at order, symmetry and control.

Thankfully not reliably identical to their parents.

Volunteers try modestly to change the world.


Lychnis coronaria Rose Campion





Five thousand years ago, when the Egyptians

were building the pyramids, the Pole Star

was Thuban. A guiding point of light.

Just one point in Draco the Dragon.

Ah, fallen and still there. I know.


More about Thuban


In this dark sky, a constellating dragon

winds around that constant – North Star, Polaris.

But it’s not constant. Nothing is constant.

Draco moves. Polaris moves. The sky changes.

Things are changing as you read this.


Draco shown in a star atlas by Johannes Hevelius in 1690. The circle indicates the changing position of the north celestial pole over a cycle of 26,000 years.