Wind Scented With Mountain Flowers

A sunny April day in late January.

A warming strong wind the past days

erased the remaining snow, dried the ground.

I took tea outside and read new poems.

Buds watching me chuckled over my joy.




Palm Sunday

Moveable feast this Passover and Easter week.

No palms here but crocuses, wood hyacinths,

jonquils, cherry blossoms, a first bee buzzing.

Yew Sunday, Branch Sunday, triumph and victory

contained in a seed, bud, pollen, flower.



Hope Is the Thing With Buds

It is fine that Emily Dickinson believed

that hope is the thing with feathers.

I choose the broken branches that fell

during the winter ice storm in January

and have buds opening this April afternoon.




“Hope is the thing with feathers” by Emily Dickinson