The Cloud of Unknowing



It’s about the courage to let go.

Is that the right word for surrender?

Staring into it. Mindless. Egoless.  Not knowledge.

Not intellection. Knowledge is full of labor,

but love, full of rest. Contemplation. Unknowing.


Influenced by reading the The Cloud of Unknowing and The Book of Privy Counseling



Buddha in the Clouds

The sun heats the brain and eyes

so that this vertical (not horizontal normal)

view spins Copernican and slightly air drunk,

until Buddha appears, cloudlike but still solid.

Feel the sand. Hear the waves. Breathe.


buddha clouds

35 Words at 35,000 Feet

Wings trembling over the shimmering filigree coverlet –

a maiden’s bed, empty in morning sunlight.

Gravity, a weak force, leaves us alone.

We are falling. We are flying. No,

not really flying, or even falling.  Floating.