Orion’s Knee

orion photo


Orion’s belt is three sparkling blue-white stars.

I still can’t see the constellating images

of the ancients, but for that belt.

His shield a vague curve, his knee,

Rigel, blue supergiant anonymously leading his lunge.


orion diagram

orion shield

Orion’s two brightest stars – Betelgeuse and Rigel – are about at an equal distance above and below Orion’s Belt. Betelgeuse achieved popular fame in the misspelled Beetlejuice film character, but Rigel is pretty much unknown.
So, here’s to Rigel, who despite being 775 light-years away (which none of us can really grasp) shines very brightly. What a star you must be! If you were as close as our sun, you would outshine it by 40,000 times!
Rigel is blue-white because of its surface temperature. Rigel is hot (over 10,000 K) and still a youthful star. The more famous Betelgeuse is a red star – “cool” (only 2,000 to 3,500 Kelvin) and already in his autumn years.