Doppelgängers – someone who looks just like you –

German “double-goer” once ghosts of the living.

This apparition of a living person means,

if seen as yourself, you’re about to die.

I met myself today. I’m still here.


by Dante Gabriel Rossetti “How They Met Themselves” (1860-64 circa)


What the tree leaves behind

after many autumns, winters and final fall

is rings – a dendrochronology of  historical context,

environmental conditions, and possible future issues.

Earlywood,  latewood, drought year, wet year, diseases –

no soul, but a body outliving life.


tree rings

Two If By Sea

If it comes in that cold way,

it will be swift, with little time

to prepare. Perhaps a blessing not knowing.

Still, I will light two candles tonight,

though it is too late to warn.



“One, if by land, and two, if by sea” was used by Henry W. Longfellow in his poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride. ” It was a reference to the secret signal orchestrated by Revere during his historic ride from Boston to Concord on the verge of American Revolutionary War. The signal was meant to alert patriots about the route the British troops chose to advance to Concord. Two lanterns meant they took the shorter route by water, leaving less time for the patriots to react.