Leaping Through the Stars

delphinus dolphin

Delphinus, a dolphin leaping among the waves
of stars. An early constellation, quite small,
cataloged by Ptolemy, the dolphin that carried
Arion, a poet, safely away from enemies.
A dolphin nearby Lyra. Arion’s lyre song.


As  a child, in my troubled home,
I would climb to my bedroom rooftop
to see the stars. My small telescope
finding easily the Dippers, Orion, Taurus, Gemini,
finally, little Delphinus who took me away.

delphinus stars

Do you see a dolphin in these stars? I don’t – and I do.

Dolphin 56


Atlantic wanderer, traveling Florida to New York.

Identified by its freeze-branded “56” dorsal fin.

Visiting boaters for twenty years, a loner,

old, at 45, unseen for several years.

His freedom lures us into the water.


The very social Dolphin 56 has a Facebook fan page.