My Octopus Dreams


Sleeping octopus — possibly dreaming. Image: Sylvia Medeiros / NPR

This month my dreams have been short
and with changing colors – like octopus dreams –
or what we imagine they are doing.
Both of us underwater, drifting, and trying
to wrap our arms around something stable.

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Jungian Genealogy


At the red flower’s center, my self.

Secrets of matter and spirit edging petals.

The meaning of these events? Immortal souls

tell me the dead are not gone –

perhaps hidden in a red New Book

of symbols, dreams, connections. Inside everything’s new.


tree of life

Inspired by Carl Jung’s Red Book and information at


Eighth Grade

Refuge from the confusion of home life.

A place where everything was scheduled, disciplined.

The comforting predictability of seven normal hours

of being expected to be only thirteen,

before I returned to early adulthood responsibilities.



Study Hall

After the dreaded Algebra and Chemistry when

we would talk music, read Rolling Stone,

eye the girls and share our fantasies

about them and the near far future

forgetting equations unbalanced, dreams never to happen.