At the garden edges, the volunteer seedlings

grow on their own despite my human

weeding deliberations at order, symmetry and control.

Thankfully not reliably identical to their parents.

Volunteers try modestly to change the world.


Lychnis coronaria Rose Campion



Falling Out of Yourself


Drawn to falls like lovers and suicides,

staring at the deep beauty and power,

being pulled in, carried to the edge –

a leap, flight, immersion, freedom from self,

becoming a part of the falls itself.


Dolphin 56


Atlantic wanderer, traveling Florida to New York.

Identified by its freeze-branded “56” dorsal fin.

Visiting boaters for twenty years, a loner,

old, at 45, unseen for several years.

His freedom lures us into the water.


The very social Dolphin 56 has a Facebook fan page.