Soul Cakes

haunted girl

Image by Shrikesh Kumar from Pixabay

All Hallows’ Eve from Samhain. Darkness coming.

Harvest’s end. Animals slaughtered for the winter.

Spirits of the dead transgress death’s border.

Pray to the saints. Bake soul cakes.

Lanterns and bonfires to keep ghosts away. 

More about Halloween’s past incarnations and more about the etymology of the word Halloween.



Though we are now very far apart,

I feel connected to you again like

Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” but

I have no scientific explanation for it –

no fear of the darkness of ghosts.



Photo: Spook House – Keansburg, NJ, 1969

[For more about the science of entanglement and why Einstein viewed it as “spooky,” see my post at Weekends in Paradelle.]