Penelope and Bloom

For inspiration, over his desk a photograph –
a statue of Penelope, wife of Odysseus/Ulysses.

And one of a man from Trieste –
unnamed but the model for Leopold Bloom.

My desk – his photo – keeps words flowing.

Joyce textorized



No manifestations. No striking gods or goddesses.

No visits by wise men bearing gifts.

No river baptism. Not even a revelation

like some Dubliner hearing universal snow falling –

a distant star’s soul, a bright radiant.


16 June

Breakfast in bed wife in bed hungers

scented summer river morning errands about town,

funeral procession passes café wine cigarettes

writer conversation notebook letters chardonnay thoughts schoolgirls

laughing stars appear walking home silk night.



James Joyce chose June 16 as the date setting for his novel Ulysses because it was on that day that he went on his first date with the love of his life, Nora Barnacle.