The Young Moon



Young Moon, Thin Moon, New Moon, Crescent –

a Lunar New Year today – for dinner

fish, dumplings, longevity noodles – wealth and prosperity.

Every new moon transitions from the morning

to the evening sky. We clean house.



[As sun sets on January 28 in North America, the moon moves back to the evening sky. With a clear view of the Western horizon, we might catch the extremely slender moon over the western horizon just a half hour after sunset.]

The Moon Is An Errant Thief

stealing her white light from the Sun,

lighting its cool, pale fire to hearts

on Earth and attracting emotions like waves

breaking at our feet and distant shores.

This bewitched light that shows your nakedness.




[Allusions here to Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens:  
“The sun ’s a thief, and with his great attraction / Robs the vast sea; the moon ’s an arrant thief / And her pale fire she snatches from the sun…”]

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

that searches for another heart that listens

quietly, attentively, eyes looking into your eyes,

nodding agreement at times, but never tearful.

That heart we seek and find is mute,

ever-changing, ever the same, as the moon.



(The title of this ronka is taken from the novel by that name by Carson McCullers. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter was published when she was 23. It is a tale of some people out of sync with their world who are drawn to a deaf man, John Singer. I was first drawn to the book simply because I loved the title and the photo of the sad-eyed author on the back cover. I went on to read her other books and stories which include the equally attractively-titled The Ballad of the Sad Cafe.)