moon thru trees


Here, under the trees, there’s no sunlight,

only shade from moonlight which invites shades –

ghosts from Hades, if stories are true.

I have come here to meet one

who can tell me what to expect.

Young Moon

moon earthshine


These February evenings, our invisible daytime Moon,

lost in the Sun’s glare, has moved

east of the setting sun, a crescent

briefly seen in the west after sundown.

Earthshine is softly lighting the dark side.


In Waning December

around the world, a common sight shared –

the last quarter Moon and nearby Virgo’s

bright first-magnitude star, Spica – half-illuminated in sunlight,

half in moonshadow, lit side always pointing

eastward, looking, as we do, for sunrise.



Depiction of Virgo, c.1000

About Virgo

About Spica

Sleepless and alone, staring at the Moon

I play Satie softly not to awaken
her upstairs. I’m not much of a
musician, more a phonometrician, measuring and writing
down sounds as the Moon approaches fullness,
far from Paris, breathing in 3/4 time.