Fish in the Sky

Venus was fleeing with her child Cupid
from Typhon, and came to the Euphrates.
Leaping into the river, the river nymphs
sent fish to lift them. The fish
were rewarded, transformed into the constellation Pisces.


This story is told by Ovid. He calls Venus Dione and she was also known as Aphrodite Cupid is also known in myth as Eros. The Euphrates River is in Syria and because these two fish saved them and were given eternal life as the constellation Pisces, Syrians will often eat no fish.

The Beautiful and Perilous Mermaids


In ancient Assyria, the goddess Atargatis,
from shame, transformed herself into a mermaid.
She had accidentally killed her human lover.

Mermaids are sometimes associated with perilous events –
floods, storms, shipwrecks, drownings, and broken hearts.


A Mermaid, 1900, by John William Waterhouse

The Unicorn


I prefer the mythical horse with horn.

Figuratively something desirable but difficult to obtain.

Rather than a billion-dollar start-up company definition.

Leave the myths alone. Set unicorns free.

Stop unraveling the tapestry threads of history.


unicorn tapestry

Unicorn tapestry



Cassiopeia the Queen

Beautiful, yes, but also arrogant and vain,

boasting that she and her daughter Andromeda

were more beautiful than the Nereids nymph-daughters.

Tonight, the Lady of the Chair reigns

not over Ethiopia but the North Star.



Poseidon’s punishment to Cassiopea for saying she and Andromeda were more beautiful than the nymph-daughters of the sea god Nereus was for her to be put in a constellation sitting in the heavens tied to a chair. (from Hyginus, Poeticon Astronomicon. “U.S. Naval Observatory Library”)