April Second

The ducks have paddled away and so

I can skip stones across the pond.

Tree leaves like mouse ears, April bulbs

above ground though nights are still cold.

My mood is all yellow and purple.




This agreement in dimensions, proportion, arrangement, balance.

Desired by many as harmonious and beautiful.

Mathematical, geometric, in nature, arts, architecture, music.

Natural, but not easily achieved in life,

because cosmic forces, like time, are asymmetrical.

aloe geometry

Reading Lucretius

this twenty-first century morning makes me

a Roman meditating a thousand years ago

On the Nature of Things, a universe

without gods, made from very small particles,

eternal motion colliding, swerving in new directions.


This poem was inspired by reading The Swerve: How the World Became Modern. For a more in-depth version of my thoughts on all this, see “On the Nature of Things” on my Weekends in Paradelle blog.