Lessons of Darkness

This is the work of darkness – not

just night – but that other lacking time

when light is unseen. It is chiaroscuro.

Without art. Under an arch of lamentation,

these three days have been midnight unmoving.



Astronomer by Candlelight by Gerrit Dou (Dutch, 1613 – 1675) with a touch of modern technology



Beneath This Canvas


From up here, the treetops are brushstrokes.

Swaying shadows shade places secluded under colors.

A known river runs beneath this canvas –

but not today – while a distant fire

is the softwood incense for my meditation.


Monet en Plein-Air

Oscar-Claude floating somewhere in the late 1800s.

Prolific practitioner en plein-air, painting Giverny lilies.

Sunrise over his home, garden, waterliy pond.

In white suit, under a large skyshade,

cigarette also waiting for a new century.



Monet’s ‘impression of sunrise   Soleil Levant




Dominique-Louis-Féréa Papety, The Temptation of Saint Hilarion, 1843–44


In Papety’s painting, Saint Hilarion is tempted

by a topless woman, fruits and wine.

Lushness in that hard Syrian desert landscape.

His arms outstretched keep temptation away, but

in a moment, they might still embrace.


St. Hilarion’s feast day is October 21.  More at wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilarion