Picture: The Great Falls


The Passaic River is


on its journey to the sea by

Little Falls


Great Falls

in Paterson, New Jersey

that inspire poets,

lovers and photographers.

My screen shows

a couple on the bridge

we all pause

a moment –


I allow the water

to move them

ever so slightly,

then take the picture.




Voyageur du Temps


I launch the time machine by opening

this case of photographs locked against time

present and future. Even places (Newark, Paris)

frozen sepia and white 100 years removed

marveling at light and air from 2017.





Not Vincent’s bouquets tumbling from a pitcher,

or his gardens of sword-shaped leaves and blooms

spilling off canvas, but these wife-picked flowers –

glass vase alone by the white wall,

plants I have been tending since childhood.