In the Church of Cinema


From our padded pews in the darkness,

incense of popcorn heavy in the air,

light flickers figures before us, not gods,

movie stars in this half-life heaven where

sins are forgiven and whispered prayers unanswered.


The Cloud of Unknowing



It’s about the courage to let go.

Is that the right word for surrender?

Staring into it. Mindless. Egoless.  Not knowledge.

Not intellection. Knowledge is full of labor,

but love, full of rest. Contemplation. Unknowing.


Influenced by reading the The Cloud of Unknowing and The Book of Privy Counseling


On How To Plant a Voodoo Lily

To produce this obscenely large flower

with its strong odor of rotting flesh

(attracting the flies that pollinate the flower),

plant this Devil’s Tongue ten-inch bulb

six inches deep and pray for protection.


Really want to plant one? Look here