Bright Energy

The new green is amused by raindrops.

How they plop, roll, sit and soak.

One droplet magnifies the leaf veins center.

A star, a circle, coming together and

radiating out with the Sun’s bright energy.


The First of January

Should the new year begin with rain?

Well, it did. What can we say

about this meteorological prophecy for the year?

Rain is necessary for life. We begin

the year properly. Water the seeds. Sunlight.

After the Rain Blues

Even the new plants in the garden

have had enough of the spring rain.

Winter lingered. True spring passed us by.

Warm, moist, green jumped to May summer.

Brushing rosemary and sage scents the air.


Robins brush their wings against window screens

attacking reflections of their own nesting instincts.

They started nesting in the pine tree

outside the bedroom window under our gaze.

Today, three blue eggs match the sky.

robin nest wiki