After the Supper,


that final meal on a Thursday night,

they went separate ways, spreading The Word.

One committed suicide. The others all seem

to have died violently: clubs, fire, crucifixion.

Fisherman who left the sea behind forever.

Martyrs breaking bread alone in distant places.


The Weight of the Soul

is not very much. Perhaps 21 grams.

Yet, it weighs heavily upon many people.

Energy that we hold within that wants –

Release? To join other souls? An end?

Feeling the connection momentarily – joy; then sorrow.


Illustration to Robert Blair’s The Grave – Soul Hovering over the Body

The Inquisition

1633: Galileo Galilei was put on trial

for saying that the Earth revolves around

the Sun. We are not the center.

They knew better than God who seems

to have been the one who planned it.


[ Back in April 1633, Galileo agreed to plead guilty and was sentenced to an unlimited period of house arrest in his home in Florence for this offense. He gradually went blind and stopped looking to the heavens. It took until 1992 for the Catholic Church to formally admit that Galileo’s views on the solar system are correct. ]

The Dialectic

Forward driven by the conflict between opposites.

Imperfection gives rise to an opposition which

being imperfect itself  gives rise to another.

Sin and salvation. Earth, heaven; church, state.

Thesis and antithesis without synthesis. Finite. Infinite.