A River of Stars

Eridanus the River is faint tonight even

in this dark sky near Orion flowing

like the Nile, Euphrates or River Po.

Homer thought this River of Ocean encircled

a flat Earth, flowing, burning into eternity.




Like the mixing salt and fresh water

making it not favorable for either species,

we have come to a brackish place —

marsh grass obscuring our view, and we,

like young crabs, hiding from imagined predators.



Two-Hearted River

I flow today like this two-hearted river.

My energies come from two different places

in my past that should have passed,

but they have pooled around me today.

I’m trying to empty them. Dissipation. Loss.


The most famous Two Hearted River runs through Michigan and the branches drain into Lake Superior.  That’s not my two-hearted river.


The Cycle

All the rivers run into the sea.

Tributaries, estuaries where fresh meets salt water.

Rivers are always changing, but  the cycle

is invariable; all returns to the headwaters.

Man. Water. There is no new thing.


Palmiet River (South Africa.) enter the Atlantic Ocean

“There is no new thing” – Ecclesiastes 1:7