The Belt of Venus

belt of venus

Image via Woomera

At dawn, the Earth’s shadow is blue-grey

and above it is a pink band –

the Belt of Venus wrapping our world.

Shadow ascending in the east, as west

sun sets,  her belt and robe dropping.

(The shadow of the Earth is curved like the Earth and extends hundreds of thousands of miles into space. When it “touches” the moon, there is a lunar eclipse. A partial lunar eclipse will occur in the Eastern Hemisphere on the night of August 7-8, 2017.)


Hiroshima: The Shadows

After the bomb, light and heat rays

over a thousand degrees charred wood black.

Old, dirty concrete could be bleached white.

An object, or person, blocking the rays

left a flash-burned shadow. Ghosts of guilt.

Measuring the Earth

Not yet geometer moth, a larvae looping.

Geometridae, geo “the earth” and metron “measure.”

Inchworm measuring the shadow of my leg,

growing longer as the afternoon light shortens.

Caterpillar measuring Earth before measuring the sky.