The days are longest now, not figuratively,

we are really closer to the sun

this solstice and we are moving faster.

Not much, but at noon I’m feeling

dizzy, gravity-heavy and dreading the new year

when we will be closer, even faster.


A 19th-Century Pocket Sundial


Today being the solstice, we are having longer days than back in June at the earlier solstice. Earth’s perihelion – closest point to the sun – always comes in early January. That means that the Northern Hemisphere winter (Southern Hemisphere summer) is the shortest of the four seasons, even though it is also the longest days for the entire globe.

Getting the News

Time as relative as Einstein had explained.

Days being shortened by seasons and latitudes,

but this is a false winter solstice –

the day that you were told the news

became the shortest day of the year.


Young Girl Holding a Letter (detail) by Caspar Netscher

Young Girl Holding a Letter (detail) by Caspar Netscher