Dark Night of the Soul

moon blue tree


Forgotten in the lilies of the day

are the night’s terrors of the soul.

No mystic, not a believer, simple soul,

without divine connection, floating lightly and free,

a butterfly toiling and spinning at blooms.


Inspired by The Dark Night of the Soul  by St. John of the Cross.


The Weight of the Soul

is not very much. Perhaps 21 grams.

Yet, it weighs heavily upon many people.

Energy that we hold within that wants –

Release? To join other souls? An end?

Feeling the connection momentarily – joy; then sorrow.


Illustration to Robert Blair’s The Grave – Soul Hovering over the Body

One Insular Tahiti

The subtle sea, azure glass without light,

hides the dark, cannibalizing creatures preying eternally

upon each other – and the green earth,

also a battleground, but for some islands,

insular, with a soul of pure light.

Inspired by a passage in Melville’s Moby-Dick: “so in the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti”