The Elements of Style

woman writing


Don’t explain too much; avoid fancy words;

do not take shortcuts at the cost

of clarity; prefer standard to the offbeat;

make sure the reader knows who’s speaking

do not use dialect; revise and rewrite.

a found ronka poem from The Elements of Style

E.B. White is perhaps best known for Charlotte’s Web, but also contributed to the standard English-language style manual, The Elements of Style, originally written by William Strunk Jr.

Gorgeous Nothings

Poems on used envelopes. New England frugality.

Never meant for someone. Meant for everyone.

Answering mail with verse. And remaining silent.

Crossings-out, dashes, spaces, columns and overlapping planes.

One poem for each of fifty-two weeks.




These books present the later writings of Emily Dickinson – the 52 envelope poems.

transcription of the envelope poem at the top of this page