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When I thought about doing a daily poetry writing practice at the end of 2013, I knew I needed some discipline.

I thought that using a short poetry form would help.  I considered the many Japanese forms that I enjoy reading and writing (haiku, tanka, sedoka etc.), but decided to invent a form.

The ronka is composed of 5 lines, each having 7 words without concern for syllables.  No rhyme. An observation of the day, either inside, outside or internal.

The main inspiration for the practice was William Stafford, but I feel a kinship with other poets who may not have the daily practice, but have a similar feel to their poems (such as Jane Kenyon and Mary Oliver).

During 2014, I wrote a ronka each day and I was happy to have it as a daily practice. That practice has ended, but I will continue to write in the form on a weekly basis.

Others have tried the ronka form, and if you try it yourself, post the result as a comment here.

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