We came together. Collided. Connected. Transferred particles

of ourselves. Then, went in separate directions.

Yet somehow we remain connected. Quantum level.

We communicate, respond to one another despite

being light years apart in time, space.


Infographic: How quantum entanglement keeps particles linked even when they're separated.

Need more? quantamagazine.org/entanglement-made-simple


A Long Lunar Month

She says “I follow a lunar month.

You follow a solar month. Too bad.”

Out of sync. Orbiting around each other.

Your waxing, waning and my rising, setting.

Throwing you in shadow today. New Moon.


new moon

Today starts the longest lunar month of the 21st century. Read more 


Before today’s sunrise, our two brightest planets,

Venus and Jupiter, came close together.

Both inside my one field of view –

“An illusion. Only from our Earthly perspective,”

you said, moving away in cold sunlight.


Photo by lalesh aldarwish from Pexels

Astronomical conjunctions explained