Week 26

A heat wave week cresting and breaking

here so far away from an ocean

that would feel so cooling and yet

is warming every day and every year.

I feel mid-year changes within and without.



The Ocean Whispers


Before we existed, the ocean whispered unheard.

Oscillations of air and water, weather moving

noisily above, silence below, we living between,

surrounded by our own sounds. And after

we leave, the ocean continues to whisper.

Heavy Weather

Heavy the oar to him who’s tired,

lightened by the sunset over the harbor.

Heavy is the saltwatered, rain-watered oilcloth coat,

drying beside the sleeping sailor and fireplace.

Morning’s red sky and heavy the sea.



Heavy the Oar to Him Who is Tired, Heavy the Coat, Heavy the Sea, 1929 by Ivan Albright, American, 1897-1983, oil on canvas


White Whale

This morning, after a blue moon dream,

still floating in sleepy South Pacific waves

that cradled me to sleep and then

left me adrift and fearing the deep –

a white whale that ends your world.


362202-herman-melvilleToday is the birthday of  the novelist and poet Herman Melville, born in New York City in 1819.

When he died of a heart attack at the age of 72, his obituary in the local New York Times was just four lines.

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” – Herman Melville