30 Years of Prozac

Not me. The world. Three decades medicated,

and still depressed. Though some found relief

for abbreviated maladies from OCD to PMS.

My 20-mg days as someone else who

some liked more, and some liked less.


My Horoscope Today Says:

You have been in a depressed phase.

That isn’t necessarily anything to worry about.

Everyone goes through a few blue periods.

You need to feel whatever you’re feeling

and work your way through negative emotions.


(a found poem)

Lessons of Darkness

This is the work of darkness – not

just night – but that other lacking time

when light is unseen. It is chiaroscuro.

Without art. Under an arch of lamentation,

these three days have been midnight unmoving.



Astronomer by Candlelight by Gerrit Dou (Dutch, 1613 – 1675) with a touch of modern technology


At the Beach with Sylvia Plath

Photo of Sylvia Plath from Gordon Ames Lameyer Papers probably from the Summer of 1953.

Sylvia Plath during a beach holiday in 1953, three years before she met Ted Hughes, and 10 years before her death. (photo from the Gordon Ames Lameyer Papers)

Even some who never read your poetry,

know about your suicide, troubled marriage, depression,

and life in the bell jar vacuum.

This cold day, I see you young,

a happy, blonde dream on a beach.