January Moon

waxing gibbous growing to the full moon
cold days and nights, snowy white ground,
white above, also cold, frozen places,
me, thankful to be inside where I
can read, write, sip spring tea, dream.

waxing gibbous Moon

waxing gibbous, approaching Full Moon

Inspired by reading winter haiku, drinking a tisane of spring flowers and leaves, on a cold night with the almost Full Moon outside my window.

midwinter moon
a temple revealed
high in the heavens
~ Basho

Virgin Births

On this longest night, gods and goddesses
met to plan our Fates. Virgin mothers
gave birth to their sacred sons today.
Rhiannon’s Pryder. Isis’ Horus. Demeter’s Persephone. Perhaps,
Mary’s Jesus under a comet or conjunction.