Tiger Lily Days

The hot days and cool nights marked

by garden tiger lilies and roadside rogues

and early cherry tomatoes that I pick

and eat here in my shaded chair –

book, pencil, paper, iced tea, these words.



tiger lilies


The House of Spring


The house of spring is being closed.

The tulips, daffodils and irises have bloomed.

The lawn is a rain-soaked jungle green.

But everyone wants a beach house now.

Sun. Sand. No flowers or grass. Ocean.

Dark Night of the Soul

moon blue tree


Forgotten in the lilies of the day

are the night’s terrors of the soul.

No mystic, not a believer, simple soul,

without divine connection, floating lightly and free,

a butterfly toiling and spinning at blooms.


Inspired by The Dark Night of the Soul  by St. John of the Cross.