Vega in May

Sapphire-blue Vega far away on the skydome

is the once and future North Star.

Brightest in Lyra, the Harp of Orpheus

that charmed trees, rocks and the Sirens

tempting the Argonauts with their own music.


Lyra star in Harp


In Waning December

around the world, a common sight shared –

the last quarter Moon and nearby Virgo’s

bright first-magnitude star, Spica – half-illuminated in sunlight,

half in moonshadow, lit side always pointing

eastward, looking, as we do, for sunrise.



Depiction of Virgo, c.1000

About Virgo

About Spica


Image: Kobayashi Kiyochika (Japan, 1880), Fireflies at Ochanomizu (via Wikimedia)


Terrestrial stars constellating at the river edge.

The stars shift in the night sky,

but that’s only because we are moving.

This chemical cold fire sends a message –

like us, looking for mate, or prey.