Nesting Season

Birds bumping into the screens and windows.

Did they feel the equinox bump us

into nesting season? The robins came early

and found snow covering the frozen worms.

I want to leave the nest now.



You Come Too

I went out to feel the equinox.
I raked leaves away from young shoots,
and connected the hose, washed away mud
until the walkway was clear. I wasn’t
gone long, but my coffee was cold.



There are 1440 minutes in a day.

The nurse tells me my heart beats

80 times per minute – 115,200 a day.

So many moments, exacting products of distance

multiplied by the charge of absent love.

* Though a “moment” is an inexact measure of time, in physics, it is something that can be calculated using a formula.           {\displaystyle \mu _{n}=r^{n}\,Q,}