Getting Naked For William Carlos Williams

Seeing the exit sign for Paterson, NJ

she said in her deep smoker voice,

Dr. Williams. I wanted to take off

my clothes and lie down in front

of him.”  Doctor and poet. Examination time.

Carolyn Kizer

This anecdote was posted by the poet Mark Doty on his blog about a comment made while driving to a poetry reading with Carolyn Kizer. Kizer died this month.

If Two Roads Diverged In A Wood

I didn’t notice, so intent I was

on the path I was already on.

But both roads were just as fair

and really worn about the same, so

no sigh from me. And no regrets.


This poem references one of the best known American poems –  Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” – which I do not read the same way my teachers once taught me it should be understood.